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Plunderling Berry Hatchling Crate

Plunderling Berry Hatchling Crate

Excluding Sales Tax

Ever wonder what a Plunderfolk looks like after they hatch? Meet the Hatchling!


Every Plunderling/Plunderlong and Plunderstrong figure comes with an extra hands and heads. What can you with those? You can put them on a small newly hatched body! Hatchlings are the perfect place to hold your extra assets and help you build your Plunderplanet crew! 


Each Hatchling crate contains:

2 Hatchling Bodies

1 Pair of Fists


These Berry colored Hatchlings are compatible with Plunderstrong Fawn Roam and Plunderling Fawn Grotto.


(Hatchlings do not come with heads, they are meant to hold your Plunderling's extra hands and heads.)

  • *Int. Customers

    Customs and Duties are not included. Please be aware that any additional taxes or fees are to be covered by the recipient.

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