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Plunderstrong Berry Muscle Crate

Plunderstrong Berry Muscle Crate

Excluding Sales Tax

Let's get swole! The Plunderstrong Muscle Crate will allow you to get the most out of your Plunderstrong. With these crates, they can PUNCH, HURL cannonballs, and PINCH smaller items. 


The Plunderstrong Muscle Crate Includes:


  • Two Large Walloping Hands
  • Two Large Pinching Hands to Grip Small Items
  • Two Large Magnetic Grabbing Hands to Hold Cannonballs and Large Heads 


This Berry Muscle Crate is compatible with Plunderstrong Fawn Roam.


(Be aware this crate only includes extra hands for the Plunderstrong and not the figure)

  • *Int. Customers

    Customs and Duties are not included. Please be aware that any additional taxes or fees are to be covered by the recipient. 

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